A traditional footprint, a model for innovation

The Novello family has been producing table grapes for 40 years. The organization was built on two key elements, the passion for agriculture and the desire for high quality produce. The company strives to keep innovating and adjusting to trends and industry needs, while always keeping in mind the ancient values and the authentic taste of Sicilian grapes.

Through constant research for new cultivars, traditional methods, innovative technologies, training and update programs, close collaboration with our suppliers, respect for the industry regulations, attention to environmental sustainable practices and safety requirements, we strive to show our clients and ultimately to the final customer, our vision and our willingness to always improve for the future.

Our daily commitment rewards us with ever increasing achievements. Every year, about 9,000 metric tons of grapes cross European borders and find a place onto the tables of millions of families looking for healthier food and lifestyle, based on the consumption of our high quality produce.


Passion and dedication are our drivers

We truly believe on a fundamental respect for nature and on the importance of a strong relationship between the man and its territory.
The key values that govern our everyday practice are ethics, respect for the environment and, most importantly, trust among people.


We ensure to implement natural practices, sustainable defense programs and vines nutrition, effective defoliation, sgrappolatura and acinellatura methodologies.


The sandy and calcareous soils, the temperate climate of Sicily and the winds tamed by the Iblei mountains create the ideal setting for our table grapes.


Transparency and reliability. We strive to work responsibly and in accordance with production specifications and customer expectations.


In order to guarantee our consumers a healthier and tasteful fruit, we reduced the use of plant protection products in favor of low-residual and low-toxicity biological treatments.


Novello’s Table Grapes: unique, sweet and fresh

The table grape industry is influenced by many factors: seasonality, territoriality, purchasing channels, export and price. The market calendar begins in June with the most precocious varieties (especially the fruity ones in the Mazzarrone district) and lasts until December / January. The peak of the season goes from the end of July to the first weeks of September.

The production cycle requires specialized personnel and local labor for picking and packing, and for warehouse and transport management for the Italian market and abroad. The protected territoriality drives the internal costs of production, the qualitative choice of suppliers and the final price, which then measures the exclusive character of the product, the supply chain and the efficiency of the organizational system.

The fields in the province of Catania are enriched by an enormous productive capacity and meet the needs of today’s consumers, who have changed their eating habits giving greater importance to the concepts of naturalness and well-being. Therefore, today, the criteria for purchasing grapes, not only concern the visual appearance of the bunch, the density, the size of the grapes, the degree of sweetness and the sensory evaluation, but also the geographical origin, the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) mark and the trust given to the retailer.


Our traceability system gives the consumer the power to go all the way back the supply chain and discover all the details from every and each production phase, from picking to the store delivery.
We strictly follow HACCP guidelines, auto-control on food sanitation and satisfied the requirements for the following certifications: GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22005-2008.


Our warehouses are equipped with the most modern refrigeration systems to ensure the constant temperature control in order to maintain the cold chain all the way up to the consumer. White, red or black, the Novello grapes surprise for its taste and freshness in all its varieties: Italia, Vittoria, Red Globe, Black Magic, Michele Palieri, Crimson Seedless and Sugraone Seedless.

The logistics, freight and shipping services enable timely product distribution in Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany), the Middle East, South and North America. Our table grapes can be purchased in the most important retail chains, supermarkets, hypermarkets, traditional fruit and vegetable markets and shopping centers.

For over 40 years, the Novello family has been dedicated to the production and commercialization of Mazzarone's table grapes,
a Sicilian excellence with the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) brand valued all over the world.

Novello & C. Srl | Via Comiso, 89 - Mazzarrone (CT) - Italy | Tel. +39 0933 28960 | Fax +39 0933 29751

Novello & C. Srl
Via Comiso, 89 - Mazzarrone (CT) - Italy
Tel. +39 0933 28960 | Fax +39 0933 29751