“Italian table grapes can redeem themselves starting from quality: it is a necessary step, considering that now even small shops are more attentive to a quality product. The consumers themselves have become accustomed to a fresh and quality product: this bodes well for our Sicilian product, which focuses on taste “. Says Salvatore Novello, owner of the company which bears the same name in Mazzarrone (Catania), Italy. The company has been producing table grapes for over 40 years, mostly by using trusted local growers.

“This year’s season started a few weeks early, unlike last year which started one or two weeks late – explains Novello – certainly the acceleration of greenhouse production was helped by the mild temperatures of January and February. At the moment we are harvesting the product grown in the greenhouse which, although not homogeneous in size, is good to eat. As the season progresses and the weather stabilizes, the product will certainly improve. ”


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