Novello & C. Srl has chosen LPR – La Palette Rouge, a major player for rental pallet services in Europe and a division of the Euro Pool group, for the transport of its fruit and vegetables on the international markets.

«LPR is proud to be alongside an Italian excellence like Novello & C. We have found in this company not only a customer but an partner who believes in our own values», said Paolo Cipriani, Sales Manager of LPR Italia. “Our approach, always open to innovation and suggestions from clients, has once again proved to be a winner, confirming that LPR’s ongoing commitment is recognized and appreciated”, concluded Cipriani.

Novello wants to bring to the final consumers a quality product that reflects the traditional values ​​handed down in the company for three generations. The company’s mission, certified ISO, Global-Gap, BRC and IGP, has found its own specific declination in the Autentica brand, a project that aims to enhance the quality of made in Italy grapes with a production technique that takes care of the plants and prohibits overly industrialized agricultural practices. Novello’s production, focused on grapes but also on apricots and peaches, goes almost 90% to foreign markets and even reaches the United Arab Emirates, Asia and Canada. Specifically, LPR pallets, in the 800 × 1200 and 1000 × 1200 formats, transport grapes, mainly to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

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